Introduced to photography by my grand-father at 6 years old… from my first Kodak view camera to the Leica, from the photographic film to the digital sensor… at about 5 decades and my passion for analog photography has never stop growing... I’m not 54, I’m 6 with 48 years experience.


Year after year, I just look at the world.

I seize what I see and I release the shutter at the moment that makes a scene, an expression, a movement or a story on the face of people... I’m feeling it and I take it as it comes, I just want to capture the moment.


I see the world in black & white and contrasts through my viewfinder. I believe black and white can reveal truths that cannot always be described but are often felt and impactful, can suggest that we can’t see.


I don’t want a camera-computer autocorrecting everything: speed, aperture, distance and nothing else to think about.


Most of the time it’s an exercice of patience and I wasn’t very good at it... I’m getting better day after day and I mean sometimes I kept a little piece of it.


It feels good because I’m capturing something where everything is great: there’s nothing bad and even if there’s an imperfection, that’s ok, that’s not bad for me.


I love loading a film into my camera and enjoy releasing the shutter, doing my chemistry, developing… and the moment when I look through the negatives... it’s so satisfying to fully control the process and produce photos.


Live jazz performance addict, I'm still experimenting...



Facing the camera there are musicians overwhelmed by music and, on the other side of the camera, taking pictures, here I am, founding my inspiration in Jazz.


Jazz means meeting others and sharing with them.

Jazz embodies universal values such as freedom, tolerance, joy, tradition and innovation.

Special thanks to Jazz à Vienne Festival and Festi Jazz Rimouski.


I am experiencing the photography, the music and I take it as it comes...

Let's take photos... life goes on...


Take care of yourself and stay all safe and healthy.