Introduced to photography by my grand-father at 6 years old… from my first view camera to the Leica, from the photographic film to the digital sensor… at about 5 decades and my passion for photography has never stop growing.


Year after year, I just look at the world: I don’t make it.

I seize what I see and I release the shutter at the moment that makes a scene, an expression or a movement worth lasting forever, a shinning moment... I’m feeling it and I take it as it comes.

I see the world in black and white through my viewfinder. I believe black and white can reveal truths that cannot always be described but are often felt and impactful.

I don’t want a camera/computer autocorrecting everything.

I want to capture the moment. Most of the time it’s an exercice of patience and a matter of time. I wasn’t very good at it. I’m getting better day after day and I mean sometimes I kept a little piece of it.

It feels good because I’m capturing something where everything is great: there’s nothing bad and even if there’s an imperfection, that’s ok, that’s not bad for me.

Moment addict, still experimenting…


If you have a project that you would like I participate in, if you want to build a common project… you may contact me !